CNC Services

Rent time on one of our CNC machines for your projects. We have multiple Shapeoko XXL machines (31″x31″ work space), an Avid CNC Pro (61″x124″ work space), and an Avid CNC Pro Plasma (49″x49″ work space). Route out material with our 8.7 hp spindle, cut metal with our Hypertherm 45XP plasma torch, or laser burn with one of our 6kw, 7.2 kw, or 15kw CNC laser attachments. Our shop uses VCarve Pro CAM software, Lightburn and Vectric laser software, and Mach 4, Carbide Motion, & CNCjs motion control software. We are happy to assist in drawing up your design if you are unable to provide the necessary g-code or CAM files.

CNC Rental Time Fees

Shapeoko XXL Router Rental
6kw, 7.2kw, or 15kw Laser Rental
Avid CNC Pro Rental
Avid CNC Pro Plasma Rental
$50 /hour
$60 /hour
$75 /hour
$75 /hour

VCarve Pro Sketch-ups

Assisted Project Design
$50 /hour